Hey youthchurch, bring a friend as we hit Mooloolaba beach for sun, sand, Dodo, waterbombs, slingshots, gelato, sun, fish and chips. Bring $5 for fish and chips and/or your own lunch.

And, of course, sunscreen, togs, towel, hat, ball and your sunniest attitude.

Date: Saturday, Dec 3

Leave MPC: Meet at 7:15am for 7:30am departure @ 40 Ruby Road, Mitchelton

Leave Mooloolaba: 2pm.

Arrive MPC: 3:15pm


Transport will need some organising as leaders will be able to use their cars to help take youth TO the beach, but are staying up the beach for a retreat after. Hence, all return trips will require parental help. If we get a few volunteers, no-one will need to do more than 1 trip.

If you need to chat about transport, please call Kutz on 0403 737 947.