As a local church we’re a bunch of ordinary young people who love getting to know Jesus and ourselves. Our heart is for youth of all races, cultures and kinds to follow Jesus with their whole heart.


We love to listen to God speak as we read, hear unpacked and discuss the words of the Bible.

We love to speak to God as we pray to him.

We love to eat, play and talk together as a family loved by God who love welcoming guests in every week. Especially people who are different. We love you.

We love to love and support each other, and our community, as we follow Jesus who laid down his life for the world he loves.


We’d love to get in touch. Drop us a line on the contact page or just come along! We’d love to welcome you in.


Coming along

Where: Mitchelton Presbyterian Church, 40 Ruby Road, Mitchelton

When: 4:15pm to 6:30pm, Sundays (during school term)

Come any week, but if it’s holidays feel free to contact Kutz our youth pastor to catch up for a coffee and a chat, or just some more info.