You are cordially invited to attend Youthchurch’s night of nights, the 5th annual Welcome, Thankyou, Goodbye dinner. It’s our chance to say a huge WELCOME to the year 6s who will be coming along to Youthchurch for the first time, THANKYOU to so many who have served at Youthchurch this year and GOODBYE to our graduating year 12s.

This year’s festivities include the presentation of THE OSCARS, an ancient Youthchurch tradition that will be revived in all its motion picture glory in October 2018.

Please be there on time to ensure that you do not miss out on receiving any awards for which you may be nominated…


6-8:30pm on the 27th of October
Includes 2-course dinner, drinks
RSVP by Oct 22 @
$10/p or $25/family